About Autogaz

Autogaz SA is the brainchild of the Founder Mr Jean Conille, a native Haitian, who has successfully established several businesses in Canada, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Before establishing Autogaz SA in May 2015, Mr Conille had established the LPG import and distribution business Gazel in 2011 as a direct result of the earthquake in 2010. At that time LPG (liquid petroleum gas) also known as propane was not readily available in Haiti and Gazel started importation from th Dominican Republic (DR).

LPG is Tax and duty exempt and on average each taxi driver will improve income by USD$10 per day if converting from gasoline to LPG. This is a very significant improvement in a country where the average monthly wage is USD$100. However, to make the business model work it is necessary to install the LPG conversion kits in each vehicle free of charge in exchange for exclusive supply of fuel as Tap Tap owners have no money to purchase the kits. While Autogaz is a for profit business, it also provides a vast improvement in the livelihood of poor taxi drivers and their families. As an added enviromental benefit, LPG has much lower smog producing hydrocarbons and other pollutant emisssions than gasoline, creating an overall win-win situtation