"AUTOGAZ" Making a difference !

Bringing an affordable alternative to fossil fuels in Haiti

Autogaz is the single source for the future of fossil fuel alternatives in Haiti.

There is a deep need to address methods that will move away from dependency and bring an affordable solution to the Haitian population. Autogaz has created a viable answer in transitioning fossil fuel dependency and allowing growth and opportunity with propane fueled vehicles.

Through detailed examination and research, Autogaz has established a streamlined condition that supplies free-of-charge conversion kits. Our chain of service stations in Haiti have become the benchmark for the sustainable energy market, allowing citizens and businesses to take the leap outside of fossil fuels and embark on a journey of success.

We have taken everything into consideration for a healthier Haitian community. Autogaz considers this path as part of our personal responsibility for the health of the country. We are Haitians that are committed to bringing improvement that benefits for all of our futures.