Moving Forward for the Benefits of Haiti

Social & Economical Benefits

The current social and economic condition of using fossil fuels has created a bleak situation. The high cost of fossil fuel gas leaves little room in the budget for the critical maintenance of vehicles. This, in turn cascades to poor performance and affects both the health of the drivers as well as road safety. Without change, it becomes a never ending cycle that spirals out of control.

Conversion to LPG reduces fuel costs from the average of $20 USD per day, to $10 USD per day. When this formula is plugged into what a driver may collect, it enhances the profit margin at such a significant percentage that there is now room for proper maintenance as well as a better cash flow.

Imagine an additional 50% in income? The cost savings to Tap Tap operators can contribute in very substantial ways to the growth of their families and lifestyles and increase their spending potential so that other aspects of the community also experience the benefits. This aspect alone can bring those that are suffering hardships and improve their position, budgets and status.

How Everyone Benefits from the Bigger Picture: