Environmental Benefits

The Autogaz goal is the incorporate high level planning to help make Haiti one of the top environmentally conscious countries. The first step in moving forward is to relinquish dependency on fossil and other fuels that contribute to pollution.

Addressing Current Problems:

Haiti has a need to cease the deforestation that is critically harming the natural environment. The comparison of reduction is shown in the numbers: In 1923 over 60% of Haiti’s land was deforested and by 2006 there was less than 2% forested land left. The devastation is due to many factors but as per the Country Profile for Haiti in the Library of Congress Federal Research Division report of 2006, most of it is the dependency of burning wood coal for 60% of domestic energy requirements.

First Step Solution:

Transition from fossil fuel to propane based fuel alternatives will contribute to a healthier environment and eco-system for Haiti.