Our Strategy

AUTOGAZ has a broad based plan to incorporate strategic elements that will ultimately change the landscape of fuel use in Haiti.

Phase I:

Supply over 10,000 Lovato conversion kits to ‘Tap Tap’ taxi drivers at no cost. By offering a completely free program, this will encourage the drivers to make the transition. The kits are equipped with our patented filling valve. All drivers will be required to sign an exclusivity agreement to fuel their vehicles at only the AUTOGAZ stations. This ensures quality and purity of the propane so that the kits are not jeopardized and that the profit from the propane gas sales can pay for the free kits themselves.

Phase II:

Although we already have a chain of AUTOGAZ stations throughout Haiti, as the use of the LOVATO conversion kits increases there will be more private citizens as well as companies that will adapt and adopt. Our plan is to increase the number of stations to accommodate the needs and as an encouragement for transition.

Throughout the entire program, we will be working with a variety of professionals to offer updated information, statistic and reporting on the financial and ecological benefits occurring with the transition to propane as an alternative fuel source.

Phase III: